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Silverado Gray 2X4 Marble Tumbled Mosaic Tile Quote

Silverado Gray 2X4 Marble Tumbled Mosaic Tile

A stone of sophistication and versatility, Silverado Gray Marble provides a combination of refined marble uniqueness and a beautiful set of contemporary desgin elements. The stone's subtle blending of silver and white tones with some highlights of gold makes it an ideal choice for any design medium: floors, walls, bathrooms, counters and backsplashes. This material has gone through a "tumbling" process to obtain a warm and antique look / feel The edges of these mosaic tiles are rounded (worn off) and the surface is antiqued These mosaic tiles come mounted on a sturdy mesh for easy and flawless installation Sizes (per piece on the entire sheet): 5/8" (Width) X 5/8" (Length) X 3/8" (Thickness) Made from the highest quality premium Turkish Silverado Gray Marble Strictly selected; consistent in color, sizing and finish Larger quantities are readily available in full pallets and containers. Silverado Gray 2X4 Marble Tumbled Mosaic Tile,oracle stone tile reviews,oracle marble tile

Price: $10.2 $9 USD / SQFT

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Silverado Gray 2X4 Marble Tumbled Mosaic Tile Reviews

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